Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

At Fleur, we seek to guide our buyers every step of the way. Our comprehensive Customer Journey Schedule takes purchasers from the point of Sale Agreed, through Reservation, Exchange, Completion and After Sales.

Our promise is to provide home buyers with a professional and helpful service.


Once you have completed the Reservation Agreement Form, the fee has been paid and the agent has provided you with the Consumer Code guidance document, your property will be reserved for a period of 28 days before exchange.  During this time, the price will be fixed and Fleur will not enter into a new Reservation Agreement with any other party.

Any extension to this time must be agreed by Fleur to prevent the property being placed back on the market.


Once you have reserved a Fleur home, you will be invited to a Customer Reservation Meeting with our Construction Director, David Gluckstein, at Fleur’s offices.

This meeting will provide comprehensive and detailed information on all aspects of the property and its surrounding area, as well as your legal obligations.  If you are buying off plan, you will be taken through the floor plans, elevations, site and landscaping plan, plus the electrical layouts.  We will also guide you through all the specifications, including detailed drawings of the kitchen and bathrooms and show you a wide range of samples.


During the Customer Reservation Meeting and subject to the build stage, there will be an opportunity for you to personalise your new home with extras from a specification range we provide.


We will provide you with an estimated completion date at Reservation which will account for possible bad weather and other factors beyond our control. This date is reviewed at Exchange of Contracts and while we cannot give a definite completion date many months in advance, certainty does increase as your home nears completion. The Consumer Code recommends the process below, which we adhere to as much as possible.*

-Before completing the foundations and ground floor, we provide a calendar quarter when your home is likely to be ready.

-When the roof is completed and building is weatherproof, we provide the month when the home is likely to be ready.

-When the home is decorated and main services are connected, we will say which week the home is likely to be ready.

We will also keep you informed if any of these estimated dates move by more than 1 calendar month.

*It must be noted that while we try to provide realistic completion dates, they can be affected by a variety of external issues including the completion of roads, footpaths and services, all of which can impact the final handover date. 


To avoid any misunderstanding, we advise that before Exchange of Contracts, your solicitor confirms in writing any spoken statements that you are relying upon in the purchase of your new property.

Your solicitor will require funds equivalent to 10% of the purchase price at this point, along with evidence that any mortgage funds required are confirmed.


As explained previously, we will update you and the sales agent at regular intervals on the build progress and the anticipated completion date. Our solicitor will contact your solicitor and serve the notice for completion. Moving into your new home will happen 5 working days after the notice is served.


Prior to completion, you will be invited to a demonstration of your new home by a member of Fleur’s construction team. This will include a tour of the house and a demonstration of the appliances, heating and hot water systems. You will have the opportunity to inspect all the finishes including kitchen, work surfaces, sanitary ware, glass and flooring.


You will be met at your new home on the day of completion.

Once our solicitors have received the completion funds, a member of the Fleur team will meet you at your new home and hand over the keys.


On the day you move in we will provide you with a comprehensive homeowner’s manual which contains instruction manuals and warranties together with a description of the systems and services installed in your home.


We take After Care very seriously and have a dedicated Customer Care Manager who ensures that our high standards are met and maintained.

Your Homeowners manual will provide you with our Customer Care Manager’s details, so you can contact him and ask for assistance with any issues, as well as our main contact details for any emergency issues.


Your new property will benefit from a 10-year latent defects, structural warranty – the full details of which are covered within the homeowners handbook. Fleur shall attend promptly to any issues that arise within the cover of this Warranty.


Customer feedback is very important to us and is the best way for us to improve our customer service.  We would be grateful if you could fill out the customer survey questionnaire which you will receive on moving-in day and post it back to us at your convenience.


“I would like to say for the record, that Fleur’s Customer Care team are so helpful, always happy to go the extra mile and full of good cheer."

Simon Coe
The Willows, Brancaster Staithe

“Fleur provided excellent communications throughout the build process - they answered all our queries and always found solutions."

Cornelia Coates
Fisher’s Field, Risby, Suffolk