Fleur adds more talent to the team…

December 20, 2021

Adding even more expertise to the Fleur team, we’re very proud to introduce Tiffanie Parry, our new Office Administrator.

Tiffanie will often be the first person you meet or talk to at Fleur and is already making a difference, providing vital support to every member of the busy team, not to mention bringing a bright smile to the office.

With a dazzling array of skills – Tiffanie is a qualified personal banker and member of the Institute of Chartered Bankers as well as having accounting, sales and customer service skills, her experience and qualifications in the cremation industry have equipped Tiffanie to deal with any challenge that comes her way.

In her spare time, Tiffanie draws, paints and sculpts and part of her artwork is being exhibited next year as part of a collective with other artists around the UK.

Welcome to the team, Tiffanie!


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