Around 13 miles west of Norwich and 4 miles east from Dereham, and just 2 miles from the A47, Fleur’s 25-home development, Poplar Farm, will be an exciting new addition to Fleur’s prestigious portfolio. With Mattishall’s extensive range of amenities, it’s a beautifully located village. A smart choice for quality, modern living. Featuring 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom houses, Fleur aims to have a show home and sales starting in Spring 2023.

Indicative site plan

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PlotTypeBedsGarageAdditional ParkingPriceStatusViewSq. Ft.
1Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,237
2Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,793
3Detached House5YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,785
4Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,793
5Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,237
6Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,793
7Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,321
8Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,237
9Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,237
10Detached House5YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,785
11Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,321
12Detached Bungalow4YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,702
13Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,528
14Detached House4YestbctbcAvailable Soon2,528
15Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
16Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
17Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon973
18Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
19Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
20Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
21Semi-Detached House3NotbctbcAvailable Soon926
22Affordable hometbc0tbctbcAvailable Soontbc
23Affordable hometbc0tbctbcAvailable Soontbc
24Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,793
25Detached House3YestbctbcAvailable Soon1,793

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