The Times highlights delights of retiring to North Norfolk (and mentions Fleur)

December 9, 2019

In an article highlighting the delights of North Norfolk, (6th December 2019, Bricks & Mortar section) “Let’s retire to the beautiful wilds of north Norfolk’ The Times focused on the area’s appeal to those retiring, the attraction of new build homes and to our delight, name checked Fleur in particular.  Indeed – why not make a holiday destination your permanent home? As the article points out, ‘Anyone who has spent time on the north Norfolk coast will know there’s something magical going on there. With its wild, windswept beaches, boundless skies and creeks and marshes that teem with wildlife, its a bewitching landscape….’  Along with the article’s assertion that ‘There’s somewhere for everyone here’ – there’s no question North Norfolk is the perfect spot to make the most of hard earned free time.



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